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Apple Card - Features, Payment Interest, APRs and Availability - What To Know:

Apple Credit Card:

People love to pick sexy and use fancy words when it comes to brand tag for APPLE but now it is expanding it's business to Credit Card. Apple announced it's credit card on March 25th, 2019 at Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California and they say that "There's never been a credit card this smart." Ironically, our largest purchases are almost always made through credit card. People say that having credit cards and debts are bad but it isn't! as long as you maintain good APRs and credit score. The fact that adds to Apple credit card is it's simplicity through your iPhone, which let's you do things you simply couldn’t do before. Things that actually help you build a healthier financial life.

Spend Tracking:

For most of us, including me this is the important feature we need. Through Apple's wallet you can see weekly or monthly summary on how much you're spending. You can view the list of purchases you've made from different categories like food, movie, grocery etc. These categories are assigned with different colors for your understanding and for the aesthetics You can even pinpoint the exact location or store where you purchased if you don't remember where you spend your money.

Daily Cash and Payment Interest:

Every credit card company gives you credit points on each purchase, where you redeem to utilize them. But Apple credit card gives you Daily Cash avoiding the problems like how to redeem your points. Whether you’re grabbing coffee or reserving flights, Apple Card gives you Daily Cash on every purchase you make and there are no limits on the amount you can get. It goes straight to your Apple Cash card in the Wallet app, so you can spend it with a tap on anything you want.

There is a percentage of Daily Cash varies through each category

3% Daily cash:

Get 3% Daily Cash on everything you buy from Apple, whether you buy it at an Apple Store,, the App Store, or iTunes. That includes games, in‑app purchases, and services like your Apple Music subscription and iCloud storage plan.

2% Daily Cash:

Get 2% Daily Cash every time you buy something using Apple Pay. That’s in every category, with no limits. Imagine all the things you use a credit card for every day — you’ll get 2% back on just about everything.

1% Daily Cash:

If you happen to come across a store, website, or app that doesn’t take Apple Pay yet, Apple Card still gives you 1% of your purchases back in the form of Daily Cash.

We stuck in the loop games of credit card companies increasing your APR without or through limited notice that you end up leaving and can't even keep track off. Apple Card also offers up a smart payment suggestions that encourage you to pay a little more than you normally would, and help you pay off your balance faster. The due date for the apple card payment is on the last day of the month. Apple Card sends you reminders that your due date is coming up. But the downside is if you are a good bargainer and get the best deals, you can't do it over here.

Privacy and Security:

It's hard to steel a credit card number from you because you can't see it. Apple Card doesn’t have any numbers on it. Not even a CVV. So that’s one less thing to worry about when you hand over your card at a restaurant or store. And if you ever lose it, you can freeze it and order a new one right in the Wallet app. Apple card comes with Titanium laser edged. Apple generates a unique number on your iPhone, where it's locked in the secure element. Every purchase requires your device number along with a one‑time, dynamic security code that iPhone generates when you authorize the purchase.

APR and Availability:

APR range varies from 12.99% to 23.99% based on creditworthiness. Rates as of August 2, 2019. As of now it is available for qualifying applicants in the United States.


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