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APPLE Rumors For 2021 Lineup:

Mark Gurman, the insider of APPLE has reported very interesting and unbelievable rumors for 2021 APPLE lineup. Mark Gurman is one of the trusted source or if not the best source of APPLE. Whatever he predicts, we end up seeing them on the mainline. As usual, he reported the upcoming lineup & changes for APPLE in 2021, which to be are some uncertain but overall they are pretty interesting for me.


This year APPLE has launched S-Version of it’s iPhones. For those who don’t know what is S-Version mean, it’s basically a minor improvement from the last year product nothing major or drastic improvement from predecessor. But APPLE has something special for 2021, the first one was bringing it’s finger print authentication back. As APPLE convinced people about Face ID was the true innovation in security and future, but with the covid pandemic everyone end up wearing masks and this seems to be a drawback for Face ID and APPLE is prototyping in-display finger print for 2021. Secondly, APPLE is trying to achieve portliness iPhone I.e. No charger, no cables, no lighting port but only MagSafe wireless charging, which according to me is good but at the same time it’s dumb…… Finally APPLE is also prototyping foldable phones but this I don’t think it will be ready by 2021.


With the recent launch of APPLE Silicon, they're bringing them to MacBook 14 and 16 inch pro versions as-well. 2021 MacBook pros will not be having Touch Bar…..Few are fans of it but to be frank it does less than what it intends to do. One more thing to be looked at is that APPLE Silicon are great at efficiency but when it comes to true graphical performance, Intel versions have edge over them.


Last year iMac has latest Intel powerhouse but with the same old outdated design but 2021 iMac seems to get facelift with new design and lesser bezels. Most likely, they inherit the design fentures from Pro Display XDR.

Mac Pro and XDR Display:

We all know how ridiculously the Mac Pro and XDR displays were from both specs and pricing, especially for stand for XDR Display which is $1000 just for a single stand. Lol. But APPLE seems to build a lower version of XDR display with smaller and compact Mac Pro for affordable audience at lower price with APPLE Silicon. It will be really good, if the graphical performance of them are also good.


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