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Best of Apple September/Techtember Event 2020 - What To Know:

Most of us know that September is meant to be an Techtember for all the tech enthusiasts as most of the companies unveil their work into the market during this time every year. As-usual Apple has unveiled it’s upcoming products and services in it’s event this year and we have sorted them into small chunks for you to better understand. But the important point to note is Apple has not yet announced it’s new iPhone 12 in this event, it is rumoured to announce in mid October. So leaving that, let’s get in……!

Apple Watch Series 6:

The new Apple Watch Series 6 is the perfect combination of powerful features and beautiful design. Apple says series 6 is their most colourful line up ever, there’s a new blue aluminium case, updated classic gold stainless steel finish, a new gray black stainless steel called graphite and for the first time a stunning new Apple Watch Product RED. Now on the inside series 6 is packed with incredible technology including a new health sensor that enables an amazing new capability, the new health sensor in series 6 shines red with infrared light onto your wrist and measures the amount of light reflected back. Advanced algorithms use this data to calculate the color of your blood, which indicates the amount of oxygen present. The new blood oxygen app lets you take a measurement in just 15 seconds and series 6 also captures periodic background readings and stores them in your health app, so if you wear your Apple Watch to bed, it can measure background measurements while you sleep. Inside series 6 there's an Apple’s new sixth generation system in package, it’s a purpose built design that’s absolutely fascinating in the industry. It includes a high performance dual core processor based on the A13 Bionic on iPhone11 but optimised for Apple Watch. The S6 is upto 20 percent faster than the previous generation. Now series 6 has even better always on display, it’s two and half times brighter outdoors when your wrist is down. Series 6 also features a new always on altimeter that provides continuous elevation throughout the day. On series 6 there are many, I mean many watch faces that can be customised and the latest watchOS takes it to next level with each faces. In watchOS 7 Apple has provided developers new tools to build even more specialised watch faces. Finally the band on series 6 is now a solo loop with no buckles, no overlapping parts, it’s just one continuous piece made from custom liquid silicon. The solo loop is stretchable so you can easily slip it on your wrist and is available in a range of sizes so you an find your most comfortable fit. There’s also an another version to this silicon loop called the braided solo loop, Apple says that it’s made from 100 percent recycled yearn that’s meticulously braided with ultra thin threads and will be available in 5 colours.

Price: The Price of Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $399

Apple Watch Series 6 SE:

The second thing Apple’s doing to make Apple Watch available to even more people is to create a new model (i.e. Series 6 SE) that combines elements of series 6 design with the most essential features of Apple Watch, all at a more affordable price. Apple Watch SE uses larger display when compared to series 3 and uses S5 chip including fall detection feature but it does not have oxygen blood feature. To make it a short it’s a new-old-new series 5 from last year but with little affordable price.

Price: The Price of Apple Watch series 6 SE starts at $279

iPad 8th Generation:

This year Apple took it’s beloved design from iPad 7 and cranked up the performance. The new iPad 8th generation is more capable and starts with A12 Bionic. This chip features a powerful CPU and super fast GPU, compared to the already fast chip in last year’s IPad, it has 40% faster CPU and delivers a massive ten times jump in graphics. Apple says, this new iPad with the A12 Bionic is upto two times faster than top selling windows laptop, it’s upto three times faster than top selling android tablet and it’s up to a whopping six times faster than the top selling Chromebook. Now let’s talk about accessories, it works with full size Smart Keyboard and keyboards from Logitech like combo touch with trackpad and the rugged combo that’s so important for schools.

Price: It starts at $329 and $299 for education customers.

iPad Air:

The iPad Air has the design features of iPad Pro with better body to screen aspect ratios. The iPad Air comes in 5 colours including new rose gold, green and sky blue finish. The iPad Air has the Apple’s latest SOC I.e. A14 which boost massive in performance and multitasking as it is a latest 5nm chip with 11.8 billion transistors. You can easily edit 4k videos, create better content with it. The new iPad Air supports all the accessories that iPad Pro supports like Apple Pencil with magnetic place holder, Apple’s magic keyboard…….. The finger print reader is now placed on the power button which is located on the top side of the iPad Air. Finally, it also comes with Type-C port removing lighting port!

Price: The price of iPad Air starts at $699


Along with these products Apple has launched multiple services called Apple One and Fitness. With the Apple One you can access all the Apple shrives like cloud, music tv+….. with an subscription basis. The Fitness plan gives you all the workouts videos and fitness information. At present Fitness services is only available in limited countries

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • Ireland

  • New Zealand

  • United Kingdom

  • United States


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