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Did God Created The Universe? Theory By Stephen Hawking’s - What To Know:

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Stephen Hawking’s was a great physicist, cosmologist and something of a dreamer. Although he cannot move but can speak through a computer, in his mind he is free. Free to explore the deepest questions of the universe, among them the deepest of all “Is there a GOD who created and controls the universe from the stars and the planets to you and me?” Finding out will take us to the law’s of nature, for their he thinks lies the answer to the age old mystery of how the universe was made and how it really works.

When Stephen Hawking’s published his book asking if GOD created the universe, which created the controversy in religions, upset churches and accused of heresy. He has no desire to tell anyone what to believe but asking if GOD exists is a valid question for science.

What and Who Created the Universe:

Long ago the answer was almost always the same “GODS MADE EVERYTHING.” The world was a scary place, even the people as tough as vikings believed in super-natural being to make sense of natural phenomenon like lightening and storms. The vikings had many different GODS like THOR was the god of lightening and AGEYA was the god to create stormy seas but the god they fear the most named SKOLL. They believed he was the wolf god, who lives in sky and somtimes eat the sun causing dreadful moment when day turns into night. Without scientific explanation, imagine how disturbing it would be to see the sun vanished? Because the thing they are afraid of is actually called a SOLAR ECLIPS. The vikings used to do what they usually do, they shout and scare the wolf and the result, the sun re-appeared. They felt their actions made the sun come back but of couse we now know that there’s nothing to do with it, the sun would re-appear anyway.

In 300BC long behind vikings, the philosopher called AIRSTARCHUS was fascinated by this eclipse too especially eclipse of the moon. He was very brave enough to question whether they were really caused by gods. After a brief study, he reached to a bold conclusion that the eclipse was a shadow of the earth passing over the moon and not a devine event. From there he draw the diagrams and found the relation between the sun, earth and the moon. To that he reached another remarkable conclusion that the earth was not the centre of the universe as everyone previously thought but instead orbits the sun. Which made clear idea on eclipse, when the moon flash the shadow on earth that is called solar eclipse and when the earth shade the moon that’s a lunar eclipse. But Airstarchus took it even further saying that the stars are not tiny and shiny particles but were also other suns just like ours but only a long way away.

But organised religions soon found a way for the new solution, for next few hundred years it was simply stated that the laws of nature were the work of god and he could break them if he wish to. This view is reinforced by the idea that our perfect blue planet was quite still and centre of it all that all the stars in the planets rotated around the earth like some carefully designed clockwork. But in 1609 at this time the astronomer Galileo Galilei who is the father of modern day science noticed particular observation. He was so determined that he perfected lenses that could magnify the night sky 20 times and create a telescope. From his house, he used to use this telescope to study Jupiter night after night and made a wonderful discovery. Three tiny dots very close to the giant planet, to begin with he though the dots must be very faint stars but then he watched for few nights, he saw that they moved and then a fourth dot appeared, sometimes one of them vanish behind Jupiter and then reappear. He then realised they must be moons circling that vast planet. Here was proof positive that not all the object move around the earth. Inspired with this discovery, Galileo went on to prove that the earth moves around and orbits the sun. Galileo’s discovery made revolution in though that it would ultimately losen the grip of religion over science. But in 17th century, they got him in lot of trouble with the church, he narrowly avoided the execution and was confined to house arrest for the last 9 years of his life.

But where did the origin for Earth and Universe came from?

Despite the complexity of an universe, to create one you just need three ingredients.

  1. Matter - Stuff that has mass. It is all around us, in the ground, behind our feet and out in space. Dust, rock, ice, liquids, gases and vast spirals of stars.

  2. Energy - Even we never thought about it, we knew what energy is, something we encounter everyday. Lookup at the sun and you can feel it on your face, energy created by a star 93 million miles away.

  3. Space - So we have matter and energy but the third thing that is required is space. Lots of space, you can call the universe many things like awesome, beautiful, violent but one thing you can’t call it is cramped. Wherever we look we see space and more space and even more space stratching in all directions. It’s enough to make your head spin.

So where could all these matter, energy and space come from? We have no idea until one into the 20th century. The answer came from the insides of one man, probably the most remarkable scientist ever lived. His name was ALBERT EINSTEIN, he realised something quite remarkable the two of the main ingredients required to make a universe is mass and energy basically the same thing, the two sides of a same coin if you like. His famous equation E=MC2 simply means that the mass can be thought of an energy and vice versa. So we can say that instead of three ingredients, the universe has now only two I.e. energy and space. Which leads us to another question, where does this energy and space come from? The answer was found after decades of work by scientists. Space and energy was spontaneously created in an event we now called THE BIG BANG. The time what we use daily to goto office, eat and sleep has started after Big Bang. The Big Bang theory basically says that it is an explosion that generated energy and particles to spread around the universe, among those small tiny particles is earth, sun and moon. But the question comes why the time started only after big bang? This could be easily understood if you know about Black Hole. In blackhole not even light will be able to enter into it. Any object that enters into it will stop working that is the principles of a blockhole and when the time is kept under it, time stops working in that area. The next question comes to us is how is sun able to generate such a massive amount of energy? If you cut down the sun into half, you see Hydrogen atom are getting fusion to convert into Helium, which results in massive energy outburst, You can understand it if you know the concepts of Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion. There are hundred of billions of billions of stars like sun that are created after Big Bang, you can imagine what kind of energy would have been generated during a Big Bang blast. This concludes that moon orbits the Earth. Earth orbits the Sun. Sun orbits the milky-way and it intern orbits in galaxy and universe. Which isn't a cause of god.

Conclusion: Over the next 300 years as more and more laws are discovered, science began to explain all kinds of things from lighting, earthquakes and storms to what makes the stars shine. Each new discovery further removed the need for a god. After all if you know the reason behind the eclipse, you are less likely to believe in wolf gods. Science does not deny religion, it just offers a simpler alternative for a better reality.


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