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Does APPLE MAC Beanfest to Cryptocurrency Hack? - What To Know:

This latest attack on macOS follows a modus operandi similar to a previous campaign detected by Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky in August 2018. Again, a front company—Celas LLC—was created to target the crypto-currency sector. North Korea has repeatedly tried to find a way into crypto-currency coffers, with a good degree of success. In August, reports indicated it had made as much as $2 billion by hacking into a mix of traditional banks and crypto-currency companies.

According to the research, Hackers are said to be sponsored by North Korea which is considered by the U.S.government and other cybersecurity companies to get into Mac via some fake crypto-currency software.

According to Apple Mac security specialist, The hackers created a fake company complete with an official-looking website. In this latest case, the North Koreans set up the front company, JMT Trading. They then wrote an open-source crypto-currency trading app and put it up on the code-sharing site GitHub. Hidden within that code, though, was malware that, when downloaded onto a target Apple PC, would give the hacker the ability to do anything they wanted on the Mac.

But the real question is, do you really need to worry about this Hack?

"Probably not, unless you’re an employee working at a crypto-currency exchange."


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