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PS5 (2020), Everything You Need to Know! - What To Know:

Sony has revealed it’s original design of PS5 alongside a ton of games. Now that we know how the PS5 would look like what games it will play and also how well it would actually run those games, we shall uncover not just everything about the design but also everything you need to know in terms of the controller, the specs, the games that will play and also the accessories.

1. The Design:

Sony had two PS5 events, the first one being in march, where mark corny the PS5 lead system architect talked about the specs and how the entire system was built. While the second big event was just happened in June 2020, where Sony talked about the actual design and they revealed the design and the games for PS5. If you notice, the design reminds us like an eve from wall-e so it’s got a very futuristic and minimalistic look with a glossy black metal and then the two parts matt white slabs surrounding it. The good news with PS5 is that you can indeed use it on its side as well, which means you can use it in any orientation that you want. With the rumours buzzing about PS5, we didn’t expect to see multiple models but each models would actually be identical in performance-wise, the only difference is that the less expensive one does not have a blu-ray drive in it. The disk drive is just there for the sake of not having to download the actual games and just installing from the disk, that’s it as the speed of the disk drive is 27MB/s compared to over 9000MB/s at the SSD inside of a PS5. So the only reason you prefer to get a disk version of PS5 is if you really want to play your old PS4 games and have all those games on disk. Unfortunately Sony hasn’t showed us any photos of the sides or the back so we don’t know whether there are any addition ports giving exception to front, which has a Type-C and Type-A ports.

2. The Controller:

You see Sony calling this the DualShock 5, they have decided to go for a completely different name this time, the dual sense and there’s actually very good reason for that name. You see the main feature of this new controller aside from the new design is that it has a full haptic engine built into it just like high-end smartphones. It can apparently mimic the feel of sand, grass, water, dirt and so much more immersing you into the game. Sony also added adaptive triggers to the controller, meaning they would provide you with a different feel of resistance based on what you’re doing in a game. The controller has Type-C port, which mens you can use any charger to charge the controller including your power bank. We now have a built-in micro phone with on-device speaker along with 3.5mm jack. The controller comes with black and white matching with design of the console.

3. Accessories:

Aside from the console and the controller Sony has also teased a few accessories that you can purchase to go alongside your PS5. There is a dual sense charging station, which allows you to charge two dual sense controllers at the same time using the proprietary magnetic charging ports on the bottom, so no need to fiddle around with cables which is pretty cool. We also have brand new HD camera, which interesting enough does have two actual camera modules inside of it. We also have one new wireless headset the pulse 3D which would be best way to experience 3D audio on the PS5. Interesting enough Sony is also adding a new media remote as an accessory which will allow you to control and use the PS5 just like you would use a smart TV box.

4. The Performance:

The PS5 is a gigantic leap in performance over PS4 and even PS4 pro. CPU wise it actually comes up with a desktop class processor, an AMD processor based on the Zen 2 architecture, we have an 8 core CPU at 3.5 GHz which is just light years ahead and way more powerful than the old Jaguar architecture that we got inside of PS4 and even PS4 pro. GPU wise we get brand new Navi 2 architecture, which isn’t even out on PC at the moment. This GPU offers 10.20 teraflops of GPU compute power, making it 5.58 times more powerful than the GPU inside the ps4 and 2.40 times powerful than the GPU inside the PS4 pro. The combination with this CPU and GPU gives us true native 4k at 60fps, native 4k at 120fps and 8k support as well.

5. The Games:

In-terms of games what we need to know is that all your PS4 games will also work on PS5 now. If you have only digital version of PS5 you might have to repurchase the disk games that you had before. Aside from playing PS4 games, they will also run much better on PS5 as it supports something called boost mode. Essentially PS5 GPU also has a PS4 GPU built into it, this is how it can deliver on PS4 games. However it can also increase the clock speeds of the GPU above what the PS4 pro could do. So this means that you’ll be getting higher frame rates as well as increased resolution for your PS4 games and if developers wish to release a patch, you can even have specific features that take full advantage of PS5 hardware.


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