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SELL or BE SOLD - What To Know:

The part of this blog goes out of tech category but this is important for each individual(s) to know the basic art of selling. Let's face it, you might see a genius person with good IQ and 6 PhD's in hand but will never be as successful as a manipulative selling person who knows how to sell and persuade people. So, I will be sharing my knowledge on selling & persuading people and segregated them for your better understanding, if you feel there are more points to be added please go-ahead and post them in comment section.

1. Everything is Energy in Life:

You've might heard of the famous term in physics "Energy is everything, it can't be created nor be destroyed but can be transferred from one form to another."

  • Power --> The rate at which work is done

  • Work --> The amount of energy consumed to finish a task

  • Energy --> Capacity to do work

So the more energy you have, the more work can be done at higher rates, which determines how much wealth you can gain. But to have more energy, you need to have good health and power.

Conclusion: Take care of yourself (I.e. mind and body) with good food and health.

2. Everything is Sales in this World:

Once you have good energy and health, the next important thing is sales. This is the most underrated one that people leave it behind. Nearly 90% of the people feel it as unnecessary, they just focus on their domain/work. Knowing how to persuading people and selling will drastically improve your game. There's a reason why I mentioned it as a game, do you remember playing business or monopoly when you're kid? The similar tactics will be applied in real life as well but with real people. If I dig into this, I can write another blog on how many business strategies you can have but I don't want to do that, I'm leave it to you. But remember sales is a game of persuading people.

3. Get into the People's Business:

Whatever the product or service you bring, will eventually be sold to the people. They are the end consumers who use it. I would like to warn you, don't sell a product that you don't like it or understand. If yourself don't like to buy it and selling to others is of no use, if you do it for commission by bluffing the clients, believe me you will lose the trust which is literally a bad effect and unethical that reflects on your company, so don't do that. Back to our topic let me give you a sales and persuading example, you might have noticed, when you goto a mall to buy a suit, they will ask you what is that you're looking for and the price expectation. Once the salesperson gets the details, he will persuade you in a straight line principle. Let's say I told the sales person my budget for the suit is 5000/- he then shows me the suit which is 6000/- that not even look good, You will tell him that you didn't like it, then he brings the real one of our liking which is priced at 5400/- you pay the amount and get out of the shop without noticing that the salesperson has made you spend 400/- more than your budget. He intentionally showed you the product which looks bad and priced higher then he showed the real one which is priced lower than the previous one but higher than your budget. You're brain is in a state releasing dopamine convincing you it's a better deal. Here the salesperson is not a bad guy, he just used persuasion technique. If we decode it, he used simple methods to sell:

  • He collected the information from me to find my pain points (like suit style, budget.......)

  • Once he got the information, he managed to take me through straight line principal without leaving my pain point (I.e. good looking suit).

There are three things most successful business companies use

  1. WHY

  2. HOW

  3. WHAT

All the average companies use the flow from BOTTOM to TOP rather than TOP to BOTTOM.

  1. They explain What their product does

  2. Then they explain How their product works

  3. Mostly they leave Why their product exists and this is why they get mediocre fan base and trust

But if you take Apple as an example, they've created market in such a way that whatever the product that Apple releases, people buy them due to trust because they follow opposite method.

  1. Why their product exists

  2. Then they explain How their product benefits them

  3. And then they explain what their product can do. Believe me there's a lot of difference in it.

I don't want to go through each methods I know here, if you're interested you can check books like"The way of the wolf", "Start with why", "leaders eat last".

4. Having a good Attitude:

Attitude doesn't mean just being bold, strong and stubborn but staying away from lazy people, people who says they can't do, people who have great dreams to achieve but don't execute them, Staying away from losers. I might sound harsh and rude, but face it this is the fact. If you have a grate attitude but you stay with these people, there's going to be a noticeable change in your performance. It doesn't mean that you should completely avoid them, it's that when it comes to sales and work, it affects you without notice.


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