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The Hidden Truths Behind Being Productive And Successful In Life - What To Know:

Yeah I know this might seems little different from tech but I want to add a new core value to our site in exchanging information to become more productive and being a good humans with values and integrity among us.

Ok, let's come to our topic now, this blog is going to disturb your workflow and believes about being successful in life. I'm going to tell you the five real truths that changed my decision process to a next level.

1. Know when to stop:

Here we go from our childhood we were told that we should never give up in life and should strive for that one thing till we achieve it. Yes, that's obviously true until you believe in-yourself of what you are doing. If you are uncertain or not sure what you're doing and you still see no improvements....then it's time for you to reconsider your thought process. Have a detailed understanding of what you're doing, consider the value you gain with the amount of time you spent on it. After you're analysis if you feel like it's worth continuing by changing process/procedure go for it else it's time to stop. Take the decision what's best for your business by knowing when to stop.

2. Analyze your worst outcome:

Here's the second one, people always says you need to think always positive and should remove all negative thoughts. Well those people might be useful in giving motivational speech but not a good leaders because when you start doing new things or entering a new business, always include the worst outcome of the decision you're making if something goes wrong. This helps you in preparing counter decisions if something really goes bad, because thinking about the worst outcome and being prepared for it will help you in long run to sustain your business. With this you're ready with the tactics for the worst outcome.

3. How much value you're giving to the society:

As an young entrepreneur I was more selfish and used to look at my own benefits and not caring about my core values. This happens to all of us, we care what we want but not others want, similarly other people thing the same way and I'm not saying that you should become a public organization and only serve people. The things you're creating should help the society in making their lives more easier. The more value you add the more successful you get. It's good to sympathize and think what makes life easier for other people. If you solve/contribute to it then you know you've have become a true entrepreneur.

4. Use your anxiety to your advantage:

Yes, you heard me right, anxiety is a really good thing if you use it to your advantage but most of us always try to fight with our anxiety thinking it's bad. Let's understand why we get anxiety, it is because in our brain we have a specific region called Amygdala. Let's say in forest a lion is trying to attack a deer, during this time the brain of deer releases Adrenaline pumping more blood to the muscles of legs to run fast during this time and all the other activities in it's body will be shutdown like digestive system, metabolism etc..... Similar way when we feel anxiety you brain is sensing a danger and rushes adrenaline to our hand and leg muscles though we are not in danger but just afraid of the situation and during this time if you try to oppose it you start shaking your hand and legs. So don't fight with your anxiety, your brain is trying to protect you, understand it and embrace it to your advantage instead of being dyslexia.

5. Brain, Energy and Integrity:

As always you should have a good brain with high amount of energy and integrity. As I earlier mentioned on my other blogs everything is an energy in this world, it can't be created nor be destroyed. But keep in mind if you have brain and energy but no integrity you're no good for any organization. Go to the third point and read it again. If you're a person with only brain and energy but no integrity, you can't escape for long, you will be identified easily as you're a serious threat than any use in long run.

These are the things that are best according to me and if you feel other things works best for you, that's great because at the end you need to figure-out your own recipe.


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